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BambooHR, The All In One HR Software

I am a Human Resources (HR) professional, and if there's anything I've noticed, it's that HR professionals like us are regularly faced with an ever-expanding set of duties.  Document retention, training, reporting, onboarding, and recruitment are just a few things we are asked to do every day. Traditionally, we have had to look to multiple systems to get our jobs done and record all of the necessary information.  But rejoice, friends, because that is no longer the case! BambooHR offers an all-in-one solution for your small business. The software program developed in 2008 contains professional solutions for every facet of the HR process from recruitment and onboarding to performance evaluations and pay increases.

Cloud-Based HR Software for Small Business

BambooHR is absolutely made for small and medium businesses. It gives you every tool you will ever need to do payroll, calculate time off, report, evaluate performance, retain documentation, and more. With a flexible pricing structure, BambooHR is truly a scalable HRIS for small and medium businesses.

Features and Functionality of BambooHR

Document Retention

BambooHR contains the ability to make custom folders for document retention and storage.  Once created, each employee will have the folders available for individual use. For instance, I like to give each employee three separate files:  A personnel file, a payroll file, and a confidential file. Each one has its own separate permissions set and is only viewable by the appropriate personnel.  The employees' supervisor can see their personnel file, but not the payroll or confidential files. Whereas the payroll clerk can see their payroll file but not the rest.


The ability to report on any piece of data within BambooHR will turn your HR team into a data-driven department. Some of the default reports include an audit trail, benefits summary, EEO-1, employee turnover, and ACA monthly totals. These not only help keep the company in compliance with state and federal laws, but they also give key decision makers the ability to drive the company in the direction of success. BambooHR even has a custom reporting feature that allows you to pick any piece of data in the entire database to report on. Having worked in some pretty heavily regulated industries, this component alone made the entire software worth the cost.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is yet another feature in BambooHR. Employees can clock in and out to log their time each day in a cloud-based environment as opposed to using spreadsheets or paper. Plus it automatically calculates overtime for the state the employee works in, which makes it great for companies whose employees work virtually.

Time Off Tracking

Time off can get messy to track, but BambooHR allows companies to set types of time off such as vacation, sick, bereavement, etc. Your employees can simply enter the dates they'd like to be off, the time off type, add any notes they'd like, and send the request to their supervisor for approval.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding are much easier with the customizable checklists available in BambooHR. The checklist tasks can be broken down into categories then assigned to individuals. Each relevant person sees when their tasks or tasks that affect them are completed, which streamlines the process.

Performance Evaluations

I have used a few different performance evaluation software packages, but none that were as visual as this one. During the evaluation process, you can access graphs and charts that show you which departments are finished or processing their reviews. After they're completed, you get reports that show you who the high performers are and who needs training.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

As an HR professional like you, I am intimately aware of the need to recruit top talent. A beautiful clock would be no good without gears, and as such even the best business would be nothing without top talent. Yet another great feature of BambooHR is the built-in Applicant Tracking System (ATS). I have hired employees for companies across the United States and I can tell you one thing for sure; in terms of recruitment, a good ATS is everything.

BambooHR gives you the ability to post jobs to multiple job boards right from the ATS. You can review candidate resumes, rank, and even message candidates without ever leaving BambooHR.

This all in one approach to applicant tracking takes the hassle out of recruitment so you can focus on bringing the right talent to your organization.

Is BambooHR Safe?

BambooHR practices Defense in Depth, which means they keep your data secure all the time, not just at typically vulnerable points in the process.  Just some of the data protection measures they take include regular scans for vulnerabilities, penetration tests, and input validation.  Not to mention their website is hosted at distant locations with all data encrypted in the transfer.

How Much Does BambooHR Cost?

BambooHR will cost you approximately $10 per employee if you choose the full package, which includes the performance review software. This makes the program both affordable and scalable. As you grow, BambooHR grows with you. This flexible pricing structure makes sure employers with only 20 employees doesn't have to reach outside of their financial comfort zone.

Try BambooHR Free

I highly recommend BambooHR. In fact, I couldn't sing it's praise enough. I personally use it and I know other HR professionals who use it too. I have never had a single complaint with this company or their software.

BambooHR is certainly worth its salt. They allow you to start a trial account that lets you play around with a fictional company so you can get a feel for the program. You can sign up for a free trial by clicking this link.

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